the truth about lies

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We’re told our whole lives to not lie.  Don’t lie to your teacher.  Don’t lie to your parents.  Don’t lie to your friends, or your boss, or your attorney, or your auto mechanic, or your brother’s friend’s sister’s husband.  We hear it all the time, and then we get that rebellious moment when we do it.  We lie.  We lie to our teacher and say we didn’t do it.  Hmmmm, it works.  So we do it again.  Later in life we might lie to our boss and call in sick when we’re not.  Some people, if faced with a life or death situation, may have to lie to save their life or their families.  Unless you’re in the CIA or something, most of us usually won’t stumble into this extreme of a situation, but who knows, right?
What I’m saying is that no matter how noble we may think we are, lying happens.  The most self-proclaimed honest person you know has lied and is lying to you as soon as they tell you they’ve never lied.  Here’s the catch, though.  Lying may ‘work’ with others.  It may even be practical at times.  Lying to yourself, however, is never permissible.  We get away with lying to others and we think that it works with ourselves.  When we lie to ourselves, we close off and lock away crazy amounts of garbage.  Being brutally honest with yourself is huge and leads to ridiculous growth and ousting of bad mojo.  It takes courage, though.  It’s scary to face certain issues we may be trying to hide from ourselves, so it’s easier to lie to ourselves and say that it’s not a problem.  As long as we continue with this mindset, we’re just fooling ourselves.  Being brutally honest with ourselves brings whatever it is to light and we deal with it, either letting it go, changing it, whatever it is that suits us best, and we can move on.  More often than not, we suffocate it with the proverbial pillow of our ego until it goes into dormant mode, popping up when we least expect it.
In aiki, we meet the energy no matter how bad it may be.  Usually, when brought to light, the dragon isn’t as bad as it seems and just wants to pass through, but we don’t allow it to.  I think that the more honest we are with ourselves, the more honest we’ll be with others.  Then again, I might be lying.  Only way to find out is to try it and see.

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