self discipline: the anti-marketer

Marketers spend bazillions of dollars a year to overcome your self-discipline.  They invest a lot in the hope that you will be vulnerable to caving in to their request to buy what they have to sell.  I have nothing against marketing.  Market away for all I care.  I’m just saying that we’re very susceptible to what they’re pushing.  Us martial artists have an advantage, though. Not only can we physically take out a marketer if need be, but our self-discipline is at a higher level than the status quo who easily clicks ‘buy’.  What?  You’re wearing a Snuggie right now while reading this?  C’mon, now! Anyways, what I’m getting at is the more self-awareness we have, the better chance we have standing up to these marketers who try to make us believe we need something we actually don’t.

Look at Facebook. With Facebook on our phones, we are one click away from distraction. Trust me, I love Facebook. I’m the first to admit, though, that I am on it way too much.  Marketers have made it really easy for us to have that open stream of influence from them with apps like these. How about not having the ap?   You log in once to facebook and if you don’t manually logout, you stay logged in indefinitely.  I know it takes effort, but how about logging out of facebook after you use it in the morning, making it inconvenient to log back in? How about not turning on the tv when you’re bored? With a little self-discipline you can be in control of your attention and override the marketer’s multi-bajillion dollar marketing schemes. You are not a statistic on the bell curve. You are an outlier. One that only buys when they want to buy. One that only logs in when they want to. Oh, wait, Fergie just posted a new video…

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