Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad situation we regret getting into in the first place. If possible, of course, the best choice is to avoid bad situations. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Finding yourself in a bad situation, it’s easy to panic and just do whatever is possible to get out of it. Usually, in this case, we reach into a lot of low level energy to do this. We argue, blame, fight, shut down, pop off, get frightened, get nervous, etc.

It’s easy to feel helpless when you’re in this spot. Just remember, though, one thing you can always control is your resonance.

What is resonance? It has to do with the vibes you’re putting off. It originates from your mental state. Ever walk into a room after someone has just been in a heated argument? Little different than walking into a room where someone has just finished meditating. This is all because of resonance. The lower energy vibrations from the argument exudes a lower resonance than the higher resonance of meditation. Animals can sense your resonance quite easily. Humans can sense it too, although some are more sensitive to it than others.

All it usually takes is a split second to become conscious of and change your resonance. High levels of Aikido are all about resonance. Moving beyond the physical, we climb up to the higher realm of playing with energy, or resonance. We all have this ability, though. Next time you’re backed against a wall and you feel like you have no other choices besides fight or flight, become conscious of your resonance. You’ll usually feel a slow, grinding, panicky feeling swirling around in your stomach. It’s kind of like shadows in the night, though. Once you become aware of them and shine the light of your awareness on them, they go away. Now you can consciously resonate higher. You’ll notice, after doing this, others around you will start resonating higher as well.

The key is controlling your resonance before a horrible situation manifests. Chances are, if you do this, you’ll find yourself in less and less of these horrible situations than before. It’s all about resonance.

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