It’s only possible to withdraw power if you already have it. Without it, you have no other choice than to remain powerless. Being in a position of strength, but able to withdraw power from a situation is the absolute best position to be in. This is another reason we train. During a correctly performed Aikido technique, we should, at all times, be able to exert more power, but are choosing not to. This was part of O’Sensei’s genius. In Aikido, we usually have more in the tank if needed. My teacher once said “Walk softly but carry a big stick.” I think this is kind of what he was referring to.

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  1. To control another person bent on doing you bodily harm, but without really doing damage to him is a”Ki” victory and the art’s highest expresssion.

    This can only be done with a relaxed and fluid mind, and this is truly The Challenge of applying Aikido to a real Self-Defense situation in the real world.

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