it all comes down to perspective

There’s a certain virtue in standing up for what you think is right. Speaking your truth. Even though it may not be absolutely correct, or even contradictory, it’s the way you see it at the time. You may have very strong convictions in whatever it may be, and I say more power to ya. There’s something cathartic albeit uncomfortable about speaking up. It feels horrible to stifle it and not say anything.

Speaking up is great, but being too involved in the world of speaking up can become exhausting and counterproductive. If you speak up about EVERYTHING, you become negative. Like the dark lightning cloud people try to avoid. This is counter productive because your extreme outspokenness, which stems from the intention of being heard, in time, leads to people walking the other direction and results in you speaking to nobody but yourself.

It’s best to pick your battles. I can sit here right now and see a multitude of things to speak up about. Seeing the negative in things can be good only if you have, or are seeking, solutions. Complaining about things randomly get us nowhere.

In Aikido, awareness is key. Objectively seeing problems is something we can’t run from, but we work with the energy to make the situation better. If you don’t, at least, seek to find solutions to the things you find yourself speaking up about, you’re just whining. This is natural up to a certain point, but getting in the habit of doing so will surely leave you with yet more to whine about and nobody around to listen to you. Point out wrong doing but be ready with solutions if given a chance to change the situation. Living in a solution-based world is much better than living in a problem-based world. Without one, we wouldn’t have the other. What matters is which perspective we utilize.

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