happy holidays?

Well, did you have them? You know, happy holidays? I did. After being away for a few months of teaching abroad, my wife came home a couple days before Christmas. Sure was nice spending time with family and friends just basically lounging around. As I get older, I realize this time of year has seemed to lose its magic. When I was a kid, the holidays were so much more exciting. Kinda sad, really. As we get older, life beats us up a little bit more and more every year. We hear of the suicide rate going up this time of year and all of a sudden, what was once an uplifting thing turns into a depressing, dark thing. How’d we let this happen?

This year I tried to turn that around a bit and really tried to enjoy it. Not in a childish, fake way, but a calm, fulfilled way. It still wasn’t like it used to be, but at least I feel I made a conscious decision to try to turn it around. Instead of being bitter that others had more than I had or wishing I could buy more stuff for my loved ones, I just tried to enjoy it for no reason at all.

Why should our happiness and fulfillment be justified? Why do we always have to have a valid, logical reason to be happy? I’m coming around to believe that we don’t. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg. What comes first? Being happy, or the reason we’re happy? Do we need to do more stuff to make us happy, or do we need to be happy first in order to do the stuff that comes from that? Something worth pondering as we go into 2012, I guess. Here’s to a great one.

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