happy birthday aiki living!

Aiki Living turns one year old today! Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year since starting this blog. For those of you who’ve been following it, you’ve seen it morph into a few different forms and formats, but I’m really happy with where it’s at right now. Writing about living the life of Aiki has changed my life and expanded my focus in countless ways. Feedback I’ve received by visitors of the site has been very positive, and I thank you for that. In the coming year of Aiki Living, I have some ideas for the site and am excited to see where it goes. I’d like to get more people involved in the conversation and hear some different perspectives. Look for more regular, random musings. Starting your day with an aiki intention can be great and that’s what this blog is intended for.

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I honestly think the ideas of Aiki are truly revolutionary and have the capability to change people’s worldview for the better. Why not share it, right? Also, as always, I encourage guest posts from anybody who has a story or new perspective of aiki-ness. They can train in Aikido or just be someone who has a positive message. Maybe someone who’s succeeded or prevailed against the odds, changed another life through their positive message, or been inspired by someone else who exudes these qualities.

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