Ideas are like seeds.  Some ideas take longer than others to come to fruition and spring into more automatic mindsets or even full blown physical manifestations than other ideas do.  Each time we bring the idea up in the conscious mind, it’s like watering it.  Our conscious mind adds nutrition to the idea, where it then sinks back down into the fertile soil of the subconscious where it sits there and grows.   It just lies there for a while and we seem to forget about it.  What we may not realize is that even when we’re not thinking about the idea (or belief, judgment, fear, or any thought really), it’s growing.  Each time the idea comes back up into the conscious mind, it appears fuller and more real, and we’re able to use it more, eventually enjoying the fruit of it by applying it in our lives more and more until it becomes like a tree which we can go to and pick fruit from at will.

Where we have problems, obviously, is with the negative beliefs.  These are like seeds as well.  I kind of liken them to weeds because most of the time, they’re not intentionally planted by us (I mean, c’mon, who’d plant a nutrition-sucking poisonous weed in their garden, right?), but are scattered in there through the winds of our interactions with society (tv, friends, neighbors, telemarketers, arch enemies).  Some of these bad seeds have been planted by us, I guess, but most of them, I’d say, do not originate from us but are accepted by us via outside forces.

We constantly have to pull these weeds.  They choke the healthy vegetation out.  They’re re really not too bad as long as we keep up on it, but if we’re not watching, we’ll soon have serious weed problems.  Sure, it’s easy to look out your window and see that yard full of weeds and not want to even begin on that overwhelming project.  After years and years of weed problems, if we’re gonna clean it up, we have to get the heavy equipment in there to do the dirty work (thanks, Aikido!), and then it’s maintenance after that.  Plant those good-thought seeds.  Be very selective of those which you plant.  Some will grow better than others.  Over-watering can be bad too.  Plant enough of em’ and you’ll have a nice garden you can use anytime.  Just don’t forget to pull those weeds.


  1. Alex on

    “now I will plant my seed in you” haha. This is a good one

    • Jonas Ellison on

      Yes, folks, that’s my wife…

  2. …I feel like I leave the obligatory message here in Aiki Living, but Jonas, you have good words and a good site…a fan is a fan! 😀

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