Look at how much information is out there today. Start to type in a Google search, and the answer is there in front of us before we even finish typing it. I heard the other day that more content on the internet is created daily than was created between the year 1300 AD and 2000 (Something like that, excuse me if I’m off by a few years, Google isn’t finding it now.). More video is uploaded to Youtube in 60 days than all of the television networks broadcasted in 60 years ( Everyone has directions. Following directions is easy now. There’s plenty of them out there and we all have access to really good directions. Hence, following directions has lost it’s value. Most everyone’s doing it.

Making new ones is where the value is now. Sure, there’s a lot of other people out there doing it (see above statistics) but if you can write your own directions, it’s more powerful now than it ever has been due to the vast audience waiting for them. Following directions may be how we learn. At some point we have to step out into the unknown and just start doing something different. Figure out a new way to do something. Chart your own course.

We’ll never be done. There’s always unlimited opportunity for positive change and growth no matter how much information is out there. It just takes some metal to step out of the textbook and make new steps.

We have the three levels in Aikido that my teacher talks about. We start with static (textbook), then go into flowing (application), and then finally to unlimited creative techniques (creation). Takemusu, baby! Onegaishimasu.

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