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I’ve come to the conclusion that evil can only exist because good people have surrendered themselves from acting against it, tricking themselves into believing they’re wrong. If every reasonable person in the world didn’t care what bad people thought of them, and had the confidence to speak up and act against it, we’d be way better off.

What inspired me to write this is when my wife came home the other day from a trade show she was working at with her organization. There were a lot of kids and parents attending. She came home absolutely livid at what she witnessed there. There were a few different scenarios she told me about, but I’ll only go into detail about one in particular:

Apparently, there was a grandmother with a leash on her grandkid. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY! NEED I SAY MORE? Deep breath… Gotta finish the story… Okay, so, she was ‘walking’ this kid and, of course, not paying attention. The kid was leaning forward with all his force trying to run up to a booth that he probably thought was intriguing, you guessed it, his grandmother let go of the leash, and the kid fell flat on his face. Not showing any concern for her kid, the grandmother showed the body language of extreme disgust for her grandkid. I mean, how dare he embarrass her by falling like that, right? To add insult to injury, the kids’ mother, who was walking behind grandma, hoddled up, picked the kid up BY THE LEASH suspending the kid in mid air, and drug the kid along, kicking and screaming. My wife felt horrible for not saying something. She did what I probably would have done too. She stood there, perplexed, not even knowing how to mentally process this gross public display of utter dysfunction.

As I grow older, I see how many problems come from horrible parenting. I will say, I’m not a parent, I’m sure it’s easier said than done, and I won’t go into it too much here. The point is, this kind of behavior is plain wrong. I don’t care who you are. My wife would have been fully justified in saying something. But then there’s the risk of causing a scene, or the parent getting hostile, or whatever. As I said, I probably would have done the same thing in the absurdity of the moment and stood there in disgust with my mouth open in disbelief while not saying anything. Why, though?!!

I am pointing out a huge flaw in good people. We need to be a little more outspoken. There are way too many good people in the world for there to be so many atrocities in it. If every good person called crappy people out on their crappiness, with full confidence and strength, I think the world would be so much better off.

I’m not saying people should have their noses where they don’t belong. I’m not saying we need to interfere with other’s lives in every way, instilling our ‘righteousness’ in them. People who do things like that usually seek out faults in others and are vocal about them from a place of incredible insecurity and hatred. In fact, do-gooders like this who nitpick and interfere in the personal lives of others should be called out on their obnoxiousness. But there’s certain things that are not to be tolerated. I don’t know how to define it in words, but I think we just know when that line has been crossed.

It’s all about conflict, isn’t it? Most reasonable people would rather live simple lives without it. I’m with them. Honestly, though, I think reasonable people need to be empowered to stand in their own strength and just say ‘no’ to certain things. Good people care way too much about what bad people think about them.

That’s where aiki comes in (yep, finally got to it). It’s HOW we handle the situation that counts. How do we do it to where it leads to the best outcome? Irrational people can be really nasty. When cornered, they have the tendency to pull out all the stops and can render your positive resistance invalid by ad hominem attacks, personal insults, witty statements, etc. That’s why we need to know how to say what we say when we school them in front of their friends. It takes clarity of purpose and absolute confidence to fight for good. It takes rational logic and knowing where and when to apply pressure. Taking personal responsibility for the world around us is a huge step in the fight against crappy people.

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