chase jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a world renown photographer from the great city of Seattle, and I stumbled onto his blog a few weeks ago. He’s really big into social media and has a live show where he interviews other artists, mostly photographers, but different kinds as well. He’s an incredible artist who lives and breathes his art with absolute authenticity and sincerity, and you can tell he loves what he’s doing by watching his shows. People in the industry know he’s one of the best out there, but he remains very humble (without being annoyingly so) and lets his guests have the spotlight. You can tell that he really is interested in what they have to say, and seeing the inspiration going back and forth between host and guest is really a powerful thing to watch.

I don’t know much at all about photography, but I’ve gotten so much out of watching his show just because of the creative discussion going on. Creative people speak the same language no matter what their medium of creativity may be. So, not only is his blog and show awesome, but what really inspired me was that Chase Jarvis ignored the doomsdayers who were saying the digital photography industry was coming to an end at the hands of digitally produced images, managed digital workflow, and electronic distribution. On the contrary, Chase argues that for the savvy individual who understands the evolving photography profession, the times are full of wonderful change and boundless opportunity. He’s totally embraced the change, worked like crazy, and you can witness what he’s done with his career and his art from his website and looking at his work all over the web.

Photography has endured a lot of changes over the years and a lot of photographers, from what I’ve read, have thrown in the towel and gave it up. As is typical with things that are changing and evolving at a rapid pace, this makes things a lot harder for the people who are used to the old way of doing things. If you’re innovative and willing to put in the work to stay up with the change and ride that new wave, chances are you’ll end up doing fine. I just want to give props to the guy for giving the finger to the critics and embracing the change of the industry instead of resisting it and giving up.

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