blind spots

In Aikido, we’re always moving in a circular way where we can see multiple attackers. Blind spots are bad. We don’t want to be exchanging blows with one person because there may be two or three others coming up behind us. If that’s the case, we need to handle that person as soon as possible before either getting out of there or moving on to the next one. We need to bring our blind spots into our awareness as soon as possible.

Life is not the octagon. In a real life ‘situation’, survival is the goal, not ‘winning’. To do this, we have to open our peripheral and not fear multiple attackers.

Mentally and spiritually, we can take this same principle and apply it just as well. We all have beliefs that work against us. Just like in the randori (multiple attacker situation), we need to open our peripheral and bring to awareness those beliefs and emotions that may be holding us back. If not, they will lurk in the darkness and hamper our every move.

Having tunnel vision usually doesn’t work in our favor and comes from the part of our consciousness that has been programmed during a time where we had to run from saber-toothed tigers on a regular basis. There are a few instances where that automatic response may save our lives, but the disadvantages of it far outweigh the advantages in this day and age. Eliminate the blind spots.

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