Can you just, for a few minutes, be ok. With everything. Don’t tell anyone. Keep this a secret. Just sit there and be ok. Be ok that your life may be horrible right now. Seriously. Close your eyes and breathe (after you read this, of course). Be ok that you have the best life in the world. Be ok that you drive a hooptie. Be ok that you drive a Porsche. Be ok that you can’t afford your lifestyle. Be ok that your friends never listen to you. Be ok that you have no customers. Be ok that you are incredibly fortunate with your life and those in it. Whatever your situation/viewpoint is… Just.. Be… Ok.. It’s just where you are right now. It’s a blip in time. Go ahead, try it. Get crazy, you may have never done this before.

As you sit down to do this, things get really, amazingly light. You’re not denying that things may be really good or really bad, you’re just ok with it for now. This doesn’t mean you’re powerless. You’re putting your mind into a place of acceptance where real change can happen. Keep in mind I didn’t say tolerance. Acceptance, or ‘being ok’, is different. You’re allowing a greater awareness from yourself to take over from which to move from. Be fully comfortable and at peace with whatever. Then go. Now you can move in the direction you desire from this more balanced position.

We go through most of our life being not-okay with things. Out of balance. Our beingness determines our outcomes. Be ok.


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