As you go through your day, look around and see what kind of stuff flies with people.  Like this guy.

Stealing bikes in broad daylight in New York City.  Dozens of people walking right by.  No notice.  No concern.  No questioning.  Just blatant avoidance.  Nobody wants to confront the fact that there may be a thief in their midst.  Nobody wants to deal with the ramifications of possibly dealing with a violent criminal.  A lot of things could go wrong there.

The bike thief is one thing.  That’s obvious. Seeing the video made me think of all the stuff I avoid in my life.  We all have our issues.  If we zoom out a bit, we know there are things that are messed up in our relationships with others as well.  Our spouses, bosses, friends, baby-mommas.  Why aren’t they resolved?  Have we met the energy and handled it?

It’s not easy to do, but it just takes doing it.  Then it’s simple.  Thinking of this made me start with myself.  How do I carry myself?  Why am I not confident in these situations?  Why am I over-confident in these other situations?  Why am I poor?  What keeps me up at night?  There are usually plain and simple resolutions.  The reason we haven’t resolved them is the same reason that the people in Manhattan walked right by the thief.  We avoid them.  We don’t want to get messy.

It’s not really that bad, in most cases.  Our minds make it out to be way harder than it really is.  True, genuine self-awareness comes from slaying these dragons.

When’s the last time you met the energy and taken on an issue straight away?  Was it that bad?  How did you feel afterwards?  Does it get easier to do after time?  I’m curious.  Leave your comments below or email me.  Meet the energy.  Stop avoiding.


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