Aiki Biz of the Moment – Homage

I haven’t posted an Aiki-biz for a while, so I thought I’d put one up here.  I’m at Homage Bakery and Coffee in good ole’ Reno, Nevada, and I gotta say, this place is one of the most, shall I say, delectable, places I’ve ever been.  It’s in an old, historical home that’s been transformed into its current carnation of a bakery/coffee shop.  I knew this place was great as soon as I walked in, and I was right.  The staff was accommodating and nice.  From the furnishings, to the paint, to the displays, it reeks of quality but maintains its comfort.  The colors are soft on the eyes.  As I said, it’s an old house, so there’s three rooms with extra comfy furniture you can park it at (the rooms are not huge, so I’d imagine seating may be tough on a busy day).

Now, people, I’m serious here, because this point is huge, but it has, hands-down, THE nicest bathroom I’ve ever been in.  Yep, ever.  I didn’t want to leave it.  When a business places that kind of care on the design and comfort level of it’s bathroom, it sets a tone for how the rest of the establishment is cared for.  It is very open and has walls of corrugated steel.  Super clean.   Nice lighting.  No loud, obnoxious fan.  No 1975 style hand dryer.  Okay, I’ll leave the bathroom alone.  But seriously, if you go there, don’t use the bathroom before you arrive.  Hold it until you get there and experience it.

Oh, another great thing about them is that they brew Hub coffee, roasted right here in town.  Huge points were scored when I saw that.  So, Homage Bakery Reno, people.  It’s an aiki establishment, for sure.   Don’t rush in and rush out, though.  That’s what Starbucks is for.  Bring your laptop or a good book.  Stay a while.

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