action, not reaction

Think of how a thought emanates. I know it’s a shocker that I’m not an expert at this, but from what I’ve noticed, a thought starts off as something, and that something is usually an intention. That intention, from what I’ve observed in my life, is either born from love or fear. Those seem to be the 2 main drivers of the thoughts we have. Obviously, the more our intention stems from love, the more creative and productive we usually are. Most fear based thoughts are reactions. When something excites fear into us, we react and usually say or do something stupid, hurtful, etc., which we later regret (or not).

When we come from a place of love, it seems to come from a place of action and is more creative. Coming from a place of love takes initiative. To do or say something positive, encouraging, supportive, etc., takes action. During the most profound times in which we say or do something positive, we realize at the time that it’s usually easier to just hang back and not say or do anything. It takes some courage to offer someone a compliment, for example, or to help the old lady out with the groceries (I’ve yet to do that).

Just the other day I went to this coffee shop that I really love going to, and as I was sitting there, I thought to myself just how many people actually compliment the owner. This place has a pretty good local following and people clearly love it. The owner put her heart and sould into creating this wonderful atmosphere. How many people take five minutes out of their day and tell her how much they appreciate the risks she’s taken and the time and effort she’s put into creating this little world of hers? I’m guessing not many (hopefully I’m wrong). I’ve done it myself and I do it all the time. Every time I go in there, I tell myself that I should email her and thank her for doing all she’s done to enable me to have this experience. I never did it.

When we look at the flip side, how many people have complained that their sandwich was a bit dry or the coffee was a little too strong, or it was too hot or cold in the building? My guess is quite a few. Complaints are a lot easier because they’re usually knee-jerk reactions to outside stimuli. The ‘lizard brain’ assists us with these. With creativeness, we have to access a higher part of ourselves. So, I finally did it. It took me, literally, five minutes to sit down and write the owner of the coffee shop an email saying how much I appreciate what she’s done. I hope she reads it and it negates all of the negative b.s. that fills up her inbox. This came from a place of action. It took a certain amount of fortitude to do it. After I did it, it was like a rush, I gotta say. Spreading positiveness and constructive compliments are how things grow, and I hope by my compliment, I played a small part in that. Acting from love as opposed to reacting from fear is an exercise that takes time to condition for, but the effects it has are very powerful and is where true positive change is born from. Be part of the movement and act.

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  1. You’re usually pretty good about leaving the positive, rather than negative comments;). Good one!

    • Jonas Ellison on

      Well, geez, thanks babes:)

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