The circle of life

Wow. I think I've trained, maybe, six times since January 1, 2012. That's 15 months back from today. Life got in the way, as it does sometimes, but this is all part of the training process, I suppose. A lot happened, to say the least. Half of that … [Read more]

Fill it Up

“Out of all the Aikido books, one thing is always consistent. What’s the first thing they say? ‘Fill your body with ki.’” This was said by one of the senior people in our dojo last night when we were working on our black belt material. We were just … [Read more]

Is That Real?

"Oh, you do Aikido, huh? That stuff's not real, man. It just looks like a bunch of people dancing around and then falling." We Aikidoists get this all the time from people who study other martial arts. I get it. There's a lot of Aikido out there … [Read more]


There are two teachers who've had the most influence on my Aikido. One teacher tends to be technical and dynamic. The other is more esoteric and light. Both are incredibly effective. For years, I've tried forcing myself to pick one style. I could … [Read more]


Can you just, for a few minutes, be ok. With everything. Don’t tell anyone. Keep this a secret. Just sit there and be ok. Be ok that your life may be horrible right now. Seriously. Close your eyes and breathe (after you read this, of course). Be ok … [Read more]

Aiki Improv

I love our dojo.  I hadn't trained in months except for a few sporadic classes here and there, but I was able to train the other night and am so glad I did.  It was improv night.  I saw the post for it on the dojo's Facebook page and had no idea what … [Read more]

Cutting the Fat

The busy culture.  "Hey, how's it going, ya staying busy?"  "Sorry I couldn't get back to you, I've been crazy busy lately."  Busy this.  Busy that.  It's almost like a rite of passage in society.  If you're not busy, you're probably not living a … [Read more]


As you go through your day, look around and see what kind of stuff flies with people.  Like this guy. Stealing bikes in broad daylight in New York City.  Dozens of people walking right by.  No notice.  No concern.  No questioning.  Just … [Read more]

ya know what you should do….

I hate that. "You know what you should do...". Always uttered by  busy bodies trying to make it seem like they're helping with the problem. This usually happens in meetings or social groups when more than two people gather in order to plan to … [Read more]